Global Business Initiatives with the Viking Chamber of Commerce

As the largest Viking and Nordic Chamber of Commerce whose mission is to grow and empower the Viking and Nordic business community throughout the US and abroad, we recognize the importance of maintaining strong business relationship and connectivity across the global economy.

Our Global Business Initiatives provide Viking Chamber of Commerce members a variety of Viking and Nordic networks for our members to exchange ideas, conduct commercial and investment activities, foster cultural and educational partnerships between US based companies and Nordic based enterprises.

The Viking Chamber is dedicated to promoting the development of cultural, diplomatic, educational, and economic prosperity of Viking and Nordic Americans.

We know it can be difficult to know where to start as a small US business wanting to do business overseas. Additionally, US exports play a critical role in bringing economic prosperity to local US economies by creating jobs, wealth, and helping to grow the next generation of local industries. Companies that export have a proven track record of providing higher wages, adding jobs, spurring innovation, and bringing increased stability to their operations in times of economic downturns.

As part of our mission to connect Viking and Nordic American businesses to Viking and Nordic opportunities abroad we have created a Global Nordic Network of business partners and advocates within the Viking and Nordic World. Learn more about our Global Nordic Network at this link: Global Nordic Network