Famous Vikings Pages, Welcome!


These “Famous Vikings” pages are here to assist with a broader understanding of just how many people of the collective Viking regions have created world changing inventions concepts and philosophies.

Most people have heard of the famous Viking Leif Erikson and know he actually discovered the new world and America as long as 300 years before Christopher Columbus. Less people however are aware of the other impressive achievements of the peoples of Viking ethnicity and have instead been told mostly about their fearsome warrior capabilities. To learn a bit more about the ethnic makeup of Viking influenced peoples and regions please see the Viking Distribution Map.

From inventing high carbon steel, nuclear energy, and AC or alternating electrical current, peoples of ethnic Viking descent have shown their impressive ability to invent things that improve survivability and sustainability on earth. Vikings were some of the first peoples to respect the rights and capabilities of women to hold leadership positions and authority over men.

The Viking American Chamber will be showcasing Famous Vikings as well as little known Vikings that made great contributions to the development of humankind and civilization in general. If you have a Famous Viking story you would like to share with our members and readership please contact us to discuss your candidates for monthly Famous Vikings series! We will also be showcasing Modern Viking Inventions through our @VikingTechWatch series! As stories become published we will include those stories below: