Announcing our Chamber “Pro-Business Viking of The Month” award!

The Viking Chamber is proud to announce our new “Pro-Business Viking of The Month” award! Once every month starting in May 2017 the Viking Chamber will be accepting nominations and recommendations for “Pro-Business Viking of The Month” to be showcased to the chamber membership and online readers.

We will be providingĀ a Nomination Submission Form for you to use to make recommendations for worthy recipients to receive this award including details of the business excellence.

There will be one “Pro-Business Viking” award recipient per month for several major categories of business in Washington State. Each recipient of the award will be featured and their story will be showcased in an online article as a case study in business excellence. Award recipients will receive mention as several Chamber events during the news and business briefs given at commencement and closing membership addresses.

Pro-Business Viking Business Categories Eligible to be Considered for an Award:

Tech Industries

Food and Beverage Industries

Human Resources Companies

Wine Beer Cider and Mead Industries

Start-Up Companies

Timber Industry Companies

Farming and Agriculture Companies

Retail Industries

Sustainable Harvest Companies

Fisheries Industry Companies

Finance Industry Companies

Real Estate Companies

Transportation Industry

**If your industry is not represented above you can still submit a candidate for special consideration based on the merit of the case study.

To be considered for an award based on the merits of your business practices you must be a member of the Viking American Chamber prior to the entry deadline for candidates.

Currently you can use the contact form to recommend businesses while the submission form is being built.

Once available you can reach the “Pro-Business Viking of The Month” candidate submission form at this LINK