Public Policy Committee

The Viking Chamber will be utilizing public policy committees to; review and consider emerging issues, establish and ratify Chamber policy positions, and inform and educate Chamber members on issues important to the Viking Nordic and small business community.

The purpose of the Viking Chamber Public Policy Committee will be to monitor policies and legislation that impact your local small business community. The policy committee will be directed to support policies that are deemed to be assistive in the development of opportunities for job creation and business growth. The Viking Chamber’s pro-business position will be demonstrated by opposing regulations that negatively affect small medium and large business interests of our membership and the community.

The Viking Chamber will be accepting nominations and applications to serve on the Public Policy Committee and will be announcing the first meeting in the coming weeks as the Chamber prepares to open for business in Seattle, WA. If you are interested in serving on the Public Policy Committee or have someone to nominate you feel would be a valuable addition to the committee please use the contact form to let us know.