The Viking Marketplace is the best place to trade with Viking American Companies and Viking Nations throughout the world.

The Viking Marketplace

The mission of the Viking Marketplace is to serve as a conduit to fostering greater trade opportunities between Viking Chamber members and thier prospective national and international clients.

The Viking Marketplace will begin with key trade segments of the Viking Chamber Membership and Viking Influence Nations:

– Timber Lumber and Wood Products

– Seafood Shellfish and Fishing Technology

– Software and Digital Technologies

– Marketing SEO and Web Development

– Viking Garb Jewelry and Weapons

– Logistics and Transportation

– Strategic Consulting

– Pharma Nutraceuticals and Biotech

A key goal of the Viking Marketplace will be to identify and showcase great companies the best innovations and the best products. We will showcase those Viking Chamber members products to your prospective clients and partners in our Global Viking Network.