Chamber Mixers and After Hour Business Mixers


Chamber Mixers at the Viking Chamber come in three kinds including; Morning Coffees, Lunch Meetings, or “After Hours Business Mixers.” These meetings are a favorite part of joining the Viking Chamber and participating in our events program.

At Chamber mixers you can meet Viking American businesses, local business people and lots of top tier consumers. You can also talk to business people like yourself, that would like to network and expand their business reach to include Viking American businesses and chamber members.

Chamber members can promote their businesses through business expo programs locally, anywhere the Viking Chamber is meeting in the Pacific Northwest and abroad through chamber trade missions.


The Viking Chamber tries to promote a “buy from chamber members if you can first” policy, so that Viking Chamber members can try to pool their buying power to the benefit of all members and chamber business showcase participants.

Mixer Program – The Viking Chamber mixers program sets business networking mixers as morning Coffees, Lunches and as evening After Hour Mixers. Each monthly mixer location moves through each of 6 primary Northwestern Washington’s regions twice a year. Meetings of each type are held once each on a monthly basis, around the Seattle and Southwest portions of Washington State.

Refreshments – Chamber Mixer Refreshments are served at most after hours evening mixers including; beer, wine, local gourmet juices, snacks, and coffee hosted by Viking Chamber member host companies!

Locations – The regions where the business networking mixers are held currently include but are not necessary limited to; Downtown Seattle, Olympia, Tacoma, Centralia/Chehalis, South Puget Sound, and Ballard Washington.

Bring a Guest – At each of the mixers Viking Chamber members get to invite guests at no charge for their first two mixers of either morning lunch or evening schedules. Some full lunch meetings may require a ticket purchase.

Viking Chamber Workshops – Because the Viking Chamber is very dedicated to training member companies, we are training businesses in Fast SEO Increase, or (Fast Search Engine Optimization). Viking Chamber SEO Club Meetings show you how to get the benefits of Fast SEO and social media benefits. Our meetings and live workshops exercises increase your business Search Ranking Fast with Google and other search engines including Increases for Local SEO Ranking.

*Viking Chamber Mixer Themes are always techy, updated, and fresh!

Viking Tech Mixers – Get a “Vikings Eye View” for identifying and promoting winners of the top Tech, Data, Med, Pharma. Aerospace, Physics, and Science startups and network those winners with early venture groups. Ecosystems and shared spaces are discussed by tech leaders, science mentors and venture capitalists to give insight to startup companies. Look for #VikingTechWatch local and global tech reports by our team of business forecasters.

After Hours Business Mixers – Viking Chamber “After hours business mixers” are lively meetings of motivated tech savvy founders, company owners, and those that wish to network with principals in local business, but let us not forget great refreshments and hors d’oeuvres!

*Fresh with new faces, and fresh with Top Talent and Top Opportunity!

Meet Local Businesses – Meet the best businesses in your own local sector of business, and closest to you in the community. Additionally, you can access “nearby chamber community buying partners,” through our Chamber Associations Groups. Through the Viking Chamber you can “replicate your best business model,” with all of the nearby chambers at “multi-chamber events” including some multi chamber member benefits!

*The Viking Chamber SEO Club is a Favorite business mixer/workshop!

– Viking Chamber SEO Club – The Viking Chamber SEO Club networking coffee and SEO Workshop will be meeting weekly on Tuesday Mornings. Look for the locations schedule to come out soon for newsletter recipients.

– The Viking Chamber SEO Club is a great place to network, test members goods, and learn about gaining traction in Google and other Search Engines by applying the latest and most proven “White Hat SEO Strategies.”

– These “Hands On SEO Workshops” will give you immediate and measurable Google SEO ranking results as well as help you fine tune your WordPress Publishing settings and SEO plugin strategies.

– Morning Coffee and Lunch Meetings – Learn plugins for security and SEO while publishing on WordPress and learn how to reduce the chances of a data breach.