Viking American Chamber of Commerce, Welcome!

The Viking Chamber of Commerce welcomes you to our new home page! The Viking American Chamber or Viking Chamber for short is dedicated to the advancement of Viking and Nordic new and existing businesses within the North America and overseas! The chamber welcomes diversity and all ethnicities to join and benefit from our programs and business network!

Come and promote your business to the Viking Chamber members and gain access to the Viking and Nordic businesses and consumers within your local communities, the US and overseas.

Naming of the Viking American Chamber of Commerce – Because the Vikings came from a broader group of Northern European countries that share many common points of culture, heritage, values and interests, we decided to name the chamber the Viking American Chamber rather than the Nordic American Chamber. This approach is mirrored by many other ethnic American Chambers such as Asian Pacific Islanders Chambers, African American Chambers and Hispanic Chambers which pool the networking and business potential of larger geographical regions and ethnic centers of influence to the benefit of their members.

Become a member of the Viking Chamber of Commerce to enjoy great member benefits including attending the following events:

Viking Chamber Business Mixers

Viking Chamber Business Expos

Viking Chamber Technology VC Matchmaking

Viking Chamber Industry Forums

Viking Chamber Festivals

Please check back periodically while this website is under development for news and updates on events and how you can join the Viking Chamber of Commerce. To contact us about joining, volunteering, or sponsoring a meeting, please use the contact forms under the contact menu depending on what you are interested in!

Our administrative offices are currently located at:

120 State Ave NE #162 Olympia, WA 98501

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