Viking Music and Culture

Viking music also called Viking-Celtic music is a very broad term for great music from a long history intercultural influence. Viking music has become known by many names and genres including Viking, Germanic, Norse, Russian, Folk, and Celtic music genres.

If you look at our Viking Distribution Map here on this website you will see the Vikings had a huge influence on countries from the Northernmost regions of Europe West to St Petersburg and as far South as the Baltics and Morocco across the Straits of Gibraltar! This distribution brought with it a intercultural exchange between Germanic, Folk, Celtic, Russian, Slavic and Viking music styles in instruments vocals and genres.

Viking Music instruments are very distinct and most require no electricity to play but require only a willing human to pick one up a join the musical celebration as Viking music is best when it is more than just a spectator activity!

Popular Viking and Celtic musical instruments include various drums, violins, cellos, flutes, lyres, hurdy gurdy’s, fiddles, many of which now are used to create modern Bluegrass and Folk music in North America.

Here is the group Faun with of our favorite Viking Germanic groups with a unique ability to sing in the Celtic style where you can see the blending of the cultures of Northern Europe.

Germanic Viking Music!

Attribution: Faun Federkleid Official Video streamed from


Top 10 Viking Music Videos

We are compiling a Top 10 Viking Music Videos list on a dedicated page for you to comment on and add to. The Top 10 List will feature groups with great cultural music such as the music by Faun above! Our Viking Music categories include Norse, Germanic, Celtic, Viking, Russian, Folk and Slavic music genres.

Below is one of our favorite Russian Viking Music Videos we love for its cultural depth and great upbeat sound!

Russian Viking Music!

Attribution: Отава Ё – Про Ивана Groove (русское готическое R’N’B) – Otava Yo

Celtic Viking Music!

Celtic Viking Music you ask? But of course as the Celtic peoples were the nearest the Viking fronteers and the culture like the families blended for hundreds of years!

Attribution: Celtic Woman – Tir na nog ft Streamed from

The Celtic Germanic Viking music video by Celtic Woman the group, mixes culture with music in a captivating way and is visually stunning!

Because we have featured the Celtic Woman group above it is only fitting to include the all male vocal group known as Celtic Thunder! Celtic Thunder has done much good to teach and preserve the music culture of the Celtic and Viking peoples!

Attribution: Celtic Thunder Heritage – Heartland Streamed from

Link to the Top 10 Viking Music Videos page for more music videos like the videos above!