Viking Tech Committee – The Viking Tech Committee is a team of technology experts that reviews business technologies and trends. The Viking Tech Committee works to identify and support the best VikingTech, NordicTech and SlavicTech companies and startups by creating winning partnerships between Startups, VC’s Mentors and Ecosystems.

The Viking Tech Committee has the mission of working with top VikingTech startups, VC’s and ecosystems to assist in the launch and support of top VikingTech technologies and advances.

VikingTech Committee Members – If you would like to become party of the VikingTech Committee you can contact us and we can discuss your background and interest in joining the VikingTech Committee. We do have some truly great committee members selected and we will be showcasing their talents and resumes here soon as their appointments are confirmed and announced.

VikingTech Reports, Stories, and Tech Assessments – The Viking Tech Watch science team will will also include regular Twitter reports under @VikingTechWatch in the series hashtag of #VikingTechWatch and also: #NorseMade #VikingMade #SlavicMade #NordicTech #VikingTach #SlavicTech #StartUps #Tech #VC’s #Angels #Mentors #Ecosystems #Seattle #SiliconValley and #Pitchnights hashtags.