Viking Tech Watch – Viking Tech Watch is a Viking American Chamber sponsored series of technology reports, trends, and stories focused on identifying assessing and promoting Viking Tech, Nordic Tech and Slavic Tech innovators and companies. As Viking Tech Reports become available they will be organized on this page by technology category. The Viking Tech Watch series is produced and organized by the Viking tech Committee members each a which is a true expert in their respective fields of technology. To learn more about the Viking Tech Committee or to participate or forward Viking Tech Watch stories please use this link: Viking Tech Committee

The Viking Tech Watch science team will will also include regular Twitter reports under or @VikingTechWatch in the series hashtag of #VikingTechWatch and also: #NorseMade #VikingMade #SlavicMade #NordicTech #VikingTach #SlavicTech #StartUps #Tech #VC’s #Angels #Mentors #Ecosystems and #Pitchnights hashtags.